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Unique Underwater Flight


Isla Mujeres has the perfect conditions for Wing Diving due to the Island's location. We go to the clearest and safest sites. Between Isla Mujeres and Cancun the waters are shallow, which allows you to fly all the way down to the seafloor.


5 people (including your guide) can go in the water at the same time. Everyone has their own board and everyone decides for themselves when, how deep and for how long they will be underwater. If you can just hold your breath a few seconds, that is enough to fly underwater and perform tricks.  Simply lifting the board up brings you back to the surface in no time. See below for more frequently asked questions. 


We use a SubWing that consists of two separate wings connected by a swivel. By grabbing the grip on each wing, you can easily control it in all directions.

Maneuvering is done by tilting the wings at different angles. Tilt both wings downwards to dive or upwards to resurface. If attempting to spin, simply swivel the wings in the opposite directions. Controlling the board is simple! It is easy to learn and comes naturally to beginners.

No worries, we will explain everything in detail during your training.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can We See The Statues Of MUSA In The Underwater Museum?

A. While Wing Diving we cannot fly over the statues. The statues are in the National Park which is a protected area. Also, we do not want to risk damaging the statues. However, if you want to see the Underwater Museum, you can book a snorkeling or a scuba dive tour to see the statues up close. You also have the opportunity to add snorkeling at MUSA to your Wing Diving trip. Please note that you have to book this in advance, since we need to reserve another boat with the correct permissions to go to the Underwater Museum.

Q. Do I Need to Wear A Life Jacket?

A. We prefer that you not wear a lifejacket while Wing Diving because it is much easier to play underwater and to dive down deeper. If you are not a confident swimmer and you want to wear a lifejacket, then it is possible to wear one. Also, as an alternative, we offer Floating Waist Belts to use that are much smaller and more comfortable than wearing a lifejacket while Wing Diving. 

Q. What If I Am Not That Adventurous, Do I Slow Down the Rest Of The Group?

A. No, everyone can enjoy the activity at their own pace. You will not hold the rest of the Wing Divers back. Everyone has their own Subwing and while you take your time or remain on the surface, the person next to you can run at the bottom of the seafloor and try to break the record of spins underwater. It is fun just observing the others from the surface!

Q. How Do I Breathe Underwater?

A. You don't breathe underwater, you practice Apnea (breath-hold) while underwater. You simply take a deep breath and you go down for as long as you like and you come up to the surface to take a breath again.

Q. I Cannot Hold My Breath That Long, Is That A Problem?

A. No that is not a problem! If you can hold your breath for only 2 seconds, that is already enough to experience flying underwater. In 1 second you can make one spin at the surface. The movies you see of Wing Diving are different clips edited together. These people did not hold their breath for 1 entire minute.

Q. What If I Don't Want To Do The Full 25 Minutes?

A. No problem. If you don't want to fulfill the 25 minutes of Wing Diving, you will simply give us the stop sign (that we teach you in the training) and we will help you to get back on the boat. The other Wing Divers can continue with the rest of their time in the water after you are onboard.

Q. How Fast Do We Go?

A. From the boat, it feels like we are bearly moving. However, in the water, it feels like we are going fast! We are moving in between 2 and 4 knots. You decide the speed, we will teach you how.

Q. I Don't Want To Go Wing Diving, Can I Still Come On The Trip?

A. Yes, you can still come on board the boat and enjoy the turquoise waters of Isla Mujeres! When booking, fill in that you are taking a seat as a passenger on the boat.

Q. Can I Decide Later If I Will Go Wing Diving?

A. Yes. If you booked a seat on the boat and you listened to the training, you can decide after the training or while on the boat that you want to try Wing Diving. You can switch your booking at that moment.

Q. What Equipment Do I Need?

A. We provide all the equipment necessary for Wing Diving. We recommend you wear tight swimwear or a shirt to use during the activity and to bring a towel. We provide the rest.

Q. Do I Wear A Mask?

A. Yes. You will wear a mask. We will provide them, but if you prefer you can use your own.

Q. What Underwater Life Will I See?

A. While Wing Diving we cannot guarantee that you will see certain animals. However, on most Wing Dives, we do see different kinds of tropical fish, sea stars, and Sting Rays. Often we see turtles and rarely we have the company of Dolphins.

Q. Is There A Possibility That I See Whale Sharks?

A. Unfortunately, the Whale Sharks are 45 minutes to an hour away with a fast boat from the island. They are not nearby the shallow sites where we Wing Dive. You can book a Whale Shark trip - CLICK HERE

Q. How Deep Is It Where We Go?

A. The site where we mostly go out is shallow in the clearest turquoise waters.  It is in between 10 feet (3 meters) and 26 feet (8 meters) deep where the sea is the most calm.

Q. We Have Children, From What Age Can They Go Wing Diving?

A. There is no minimum age to go Wing Diving. As long as they are comfortable in the water and they have basic swimming skills they will love it! Our youngest Wing Diver was 6 years old. With young children, we will not take our eyes off them on the surface or underwater. If they are very young and not comfortable doing many tricks underwater, they will still have a lot of fun and have the experience of their lives while moving fast flying through the water.

Q. Getting An Underwater Footage Package, Why Would I Add That?

A. Trust us, you want the video! The regret we hear the most often from our clients is that they wished they booked the video package. How often do you fly underwater? It is something that you want to remember forever and something that you want to share. Be sure to get this documented! Our editors are the best and will always make sure you look amazing underwater. You can share and show off to your family, friends, and social circles!

Q. How Do I Receive The Underwater Footage?

A. A few days after your Wing Dive experience, you will receive a link with the underwater footage where you can download it. From there, you can share the footage on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform where you wish to share them. We always like it if you tag us in your Wing Diving posts!

Q. What Happens If The Weather Is Not Good For Wing Diving?

A. If the weather is not good for Wing Diving, we will try to reschedule. If that is not possible, we will give you a full refund. Sometimes, we do need to cancel when the conditions for Wing Diving not ideal. If the waves are too high or the wind is too strong, even though it might be sunny and a perfect beach day we cannot go out for the tour. The Port Captain of Isla Mujeres informs us daily about the weather, wind and wave conditions. We will inform you ASAP about the conditions before your tour and will reschedule or refund if needed.

Q. What Is The Cancellation Policy?

A. If you cancel your booking 24 hours before your trip, you will receive a full refund.

Q. Is this similar to Seabob?

A. You get the same feeling but it's much safer since you are attached to a boat and a guide is always next to you. There are several people on our tour that look out for your safety (as a captain and a watcher from the boat as a guide who watches you while you fly underwater) as we would never go near boats. Also with Wing Diving, you can never run out of battery/gas or you can not lose the equipment so no own risk of making any damage or loosing equipment. 

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