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We started in April 2017 as the first to offer this watersport on Isla Mujeres. Currently we are still the only business offering this high fun level of water activity.


New Sport

This watersport is not that new anymore  (invented by Simon Sivertsen from Norway) but is fairly new to Isla Mujeres and not very known in the world (yet). It is very exciting and gives you a feeling you never had before. Imagine your hand out of a driving car window, this feeling you have with your whole body flying through the Caribbean.

Highly Recommended

Customer experience is what we do it for! Our goal is to give you the best experience and that is exactly what our customers tell us. “Best day of our lives”, “most fun water activity we ever did” are sentences we hear a lot. It comes back in all the highly ranked reviews we received, and our returning clients, who we are so thankful for!

Different Levels

The only requirement is to know basic swimming. Officially it is an extreme sport. You can make it as extreme as you want but also extremely easy and relaxed. You don't need any experience or strength to enjoy it, everyone can do it. The fun thing is someone who loves extreme sports can be next to someone who wants to stay on the surface and see what is happening underwater. Everyone can have fun at their own pace without being in each other's way.


Safety is our first priority. You will get training before entering the water and a guide will be with you while in the water. There is always someone keeping an eye on you underwater and someone is watching you on the surface from the boat.

Small Groups

We only take small groups on our boat, so you can sit comfortably on our comfortable boat. Only 4 guests will enter the water at the same time. If you want the total luxury of having the whole boat and crew to yourself, book a private trip with us! It is pretty affordable in comparison with other private trips on the island.

We Can Customize To Your Needs

You want to go earlier or later than our regular times, that is no problem for us. Do you need to catch the ferry at noon, no worries we can plan to go early, we will be ready for you at 8 am and guess what, then you might have the whole ocean for yourself!


We want to give you quality, that is why we work with the best staff who are mostly locals. We work with the best equipment (subwing)  and comfortable boats.


Our staff speaks perfect English and Spanish, on request we have more languages available such as Dutch, German, Italian.


We have an affordable price. You get the best service and attention from our staff.  You get training and twice, 25 minutes of Wing Diving per person. Drinks are included onboard. Also, boat passenger insurance and dock fees are included in the price, no surprise charges! Tips are not included and highly appreciated by our hardworking staff.

Video Package

We have different options for videos and photo packages. Who doesn't want to have underwater footage of their unique water adventure for a reasonable price? Do you have your own underwater camera, rent a mount that floats, fits perfectly between the ropes, and is facing the right angle.


All year-round, 365 days a year, morning and afternoons. Of course, depending on the weather conditions. If the weather is bad, we can reschedule. If is rescheduling not possible, we will refund you 100%. We do want you to have the best experience! Although Wing Diving can still be fun in the rain! We will give you our honest opinion about safety and experience when it comes to the weather conditions on the day you booked for.


We do care about our environment, especially our Caribbean Sea! You might see us turn around the boat to pick up a plastic bottle, or even to collect trash underwater. We ask for you to use reef-safe sunscreen. Or even better, wear a rashguard! Wing Diving has its own brand of rashguards, see our ‘shop’. If you have any questions about the environment while on a trip with us, please ask! We are more than happy to explain and share the knowledge we have.  

Activity With Kids

Wing Diving is fun with kids. As long as they can swim, they can Wing Dive! We have experienced guides that will be next to your child and will not take their eyes off them. We took children of all ages, starting from 6 years. They need to know basic swimming and it helps if they are comfortable in the water. We can provide a life jacket for the young ones as well. For them, to be pulled along at the surface is more fun and easier than snorkeling.



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