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Isla Is Small

Isla Mujeres, literally translated (Spanish-English) to Women's Island, is an island in the Caribbean close to Cancun. The island is 7 km / 4.4 miles long and average 650 m / 0.4 miles wide.

Home To The Second Largest Coral Reef System

Did you know that Isla Mujeres is the most northern point on the second largest coral reef system in the world? It goes from Isla through the Riviera Maya all the way past Belize to Guatemala down to the Honduran Bay Islands. Its called the Mesoamerican Reef. It is nearly 700 miles long where more than 500 species of fish and 65 types of coral live. Besides that, it is hard to find a place like Isla Mujeres, that beats the clear and turquoise waters.

First Person To See The Sunrise

Isla Mujeres is the most eastern point of Mexico. The first light from the sunrise in Mexico you will see from Isla Mujeres. If you are on the South Point of the Island, named Punta Sur, in the morning, you are literally the first person to see the sunrise in Mexico. In the springtime, you can see turtles mating from the view of the cliffs. Fun fact: Turtles can mate with multiple partners at the same time. When a turtle lays its eggs on the beach (an event you can observe 15 May - 15 October ) the little turtles from the same nest can have different fathers. Turtles lay between 50-200 eggs in one nest.

No. 1 Beach in Mexico

Isla Mujeres is quiet, has better views, and is more affordable than Cancun and other beaches in the Mayan Riviera. From Playa Norte, named one of the prettiest beaches in Mexico, (according to Tripadvisor and awarded by other channels), you can walk a long way into the shallow turquoise waters.

Hidden Gems

Besides Playa Norte, all around Isla Mujeres, there are multiple (hidden) beaches. You can watch some of the prettiest sunsets from multiple locations in Isla Mujeres.

When you want some action, besides beaches, bars, and restaurants, then Isla Mujeres is the best Island for you to enjoy water activities.

Underwater Museum

El Museo Subaquatico de Arte, also called MUSA is an underwater museum of art consisting of over 500 permanent life-size sculptures from an Artist from England. MUSA was built to protect the coral reef that is next to the Museum. What makes this art so special is that it is built of a special type of concrete that stimulates coral growth. Some sculptures are even home to sea life. You can snorkel or scuba dive into the Museum.


There are no bad seasons to visit Isla Mujeres. All year round Isla Mujeres has good temperatures and only occasional rain. Also, you can be comfortable in the water all year round. On average, water temperatures vary between 78 and 82ºF (25 and 28ºC) in Isla Mujeres. The best visibility in the water will be between May and September.

Keep an eye on the forecast during hurricane season. When there isn’t a hurricane, the weather during that season is hot and humid with the occasional rain shower.


Isla Mujeres is an old fishermen town, but before the fishermen, it belonged to the Mayans.  For the Mayans, Isla Mujeres was a sanctuary for the goddess Ixchel. It was because of the many female icons that the Spaniards found here, that they decided to call the island 'Isla Mujeres'. A temple dedicated to Ixchel (the goddess of fertility) was severely damaged by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. In 2005, the island was also hit by another hurricane called Wilma. This was the last hurricane that hit and damaged the Island. Many people lost their homes and much of the island was rebuilt after the storm.

Isla Mujeres During The Pandemic Covid19

As all around the world, Isla Mujeres took a big hit during the Corona Virus pandemic. Many people lost their jobs and many businesses went bankrupt. During the pandemic Covid19 in Mexico, the island was closed to visitors. The Ultramar ferry was only running for Islenos, which is the name for the Island residents. During this time, dry law was instated, which means that the sale of alcohol was prohibited. Beaches were closed and nobody was allowed on the streets, except for emergencies and grocery shopping. 

How To Get To Isla Mujeres

Fly to Cancun International Airport. From Cancun, take a taxi or book a transfer directly to the Ultramar ferry terminal, Puerto Juarez (21 km /13.3 miles). Or get the ADO bus to the ADO station and from there take a taxi to the ferry terminal. There are multiple Terminals from Cancun but Puerto Juarez is the most frequent (every 30 minutes), most affordable and quickest to the Island. Once you arrive at the terminal in Isla Mujeres, you can easily take a taxi from there or you can rent a golf cart. Centro where most of the island’s accommodations and attractions are is easily walkable from the Ferry.

General Information

Code to call is +52,  127 Voltage (US Standard)

The currency is the Mexican Peso. Almost everywhere around the Island you can also pay with US dollars, but not everywhere with credit card. (when you arrive at the ferry you can exchange your dollars easily to pesos). Paying in pesos is going to save you a lot of money in differing conversion rates.



  • Chill and have a swim on Playa Norte

  • Watch sunrises and sunsets

  • Rent a golf cart and explore the island

  • Go Diving, Snorkeling or Fishing

  • Wing Diving (of course)

  • Go beach hopping, there are so many pretty beaches all around the island

  • Check out the art at Madera Art Gallery

  • Go to a yoga class - there are many great options for all levels and needs. 

  • Spend a full day at one of the many beach clubs that Isla has to offer.

  • Enjoy the view and have a beautiful walk at Punta Sur.

  • Get a massage on the beach or in the comfort of your own accommodation

  • Go beer tasting (for free) at Isla Brewery

  • Visit the turtle farm (Tortugranja)

  • See all the art murals around the Island

  • Go cuddle puppies at Isla Animals (high risk of falling in love and taking one home)

  • Eat at one of the many restaurants, Our favorite restaurants are: Madera (Best burger you will ever eat) ; La Chatita (real typical Mexican food and economic!, Slow Down (for small bites), Chaya & Cacao (even if you are not vegetarian you will love the food) , Olivia's (for seated evening dinner).

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